Star African Air

star african air
Near Masjid Al Jama
Deero Hotel building, Hargeisa
Ph : +252 63 4407394
Fax : +252 22 134501
STAR AFRICAN AIR mission is to become Somalia’s preferred low-cost airline, delivering the lowest air fares with the highest consumer value, to price sensitive consumers. We hope to fulfill everyone’s dream of flying!With Somalia’s economic and business growth, the percentage of traveling population is burgeoning. More and more Somalians are traveling for both business and pleasure and everyone needs to save both time and money. STAR AFRICAN AIR’s vision is to address that and ensure that flying is for everyone.With a dynamic fare structure, STAR AFRICAN AIR offers fares that are affordable and significantly lower than most airlines. With contemporary interiors, modern graphics and vibrant colours, STAR AFRICAN AIR is very much like today’s traveler – practical yet stylish.

Destinations are: Kismayo-Mogadishu-Baladwayn-Guraiel-Baidhabo-Adado-Bossaso-Galkayo-Djibouti-Hargeisa-Nairobi(Kenya).Garowe.