Star Filling Service

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Star Hotel Building
Hargeisa, Somaliland
Ph : +252 52 4499
Fax : +252 52 134501

Keep your vehicle looking its best with STAR excellent car washing services. We offer manual and automatic car cleaning.

Manual car wash

Our manual car wash guarantees the highest possible quality clean and finish.

We use high-pressure water ejectors and bio-degradable shampoos to give a deep clean, then wax the car to leave it glossy and polished.

On request, we can also provide hot water and steam cleaning, where specialised equipment ensures hot water at 70 degrees C and steam at 140 degrees C. We also offer under-the-bonnet cleaning using steam or hot water.

Afterwards, our staff will give the interior of your car a thorough clean.


The heart of STAR FILLING business is retailing petrol. We are leading the way in the SOMALILAND by supporting the Green Drive campaign for more environmentally-friendly fuels. Leaded gasoline is being phased out, to be replaced by two new grades of unleaded gasoline. This initiative will provide clear benefits for health and the environment.

We supply three main types of fuel:


Special (95) offers excellent performance for old and new petrol-driven vehicles.


Super (98) has a higher octane that makes it suitable for high-performance petrol-driven vehicles.

Gas oil

Gas oil, or diesel, is suitable for all diesel-driven vehicles, cars and trucks.